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Cocktail workshop

Cocktail workshops will teach you the basics of cocktail ingredients and flavor pairing, the history,  the techniques of making cocktails and the basics of cocktail decorations. 


• Learn about cocktails with a professional mixologist

• Enjoy tasting popular cocktails 

• Discover cocktail-making techniques

• Fun, educational and creative event


Your mixologist will show you step-by-step how the most famous cocktails are made and then you will be able to enjoy them after the tutorial. A cocktail  must taste heavenly, look seductive and smell exciting.

We propose also Cocktail team challenge.

A great way to bring the team together with varying levels of competition, challenges and a delicious cocktails to taste. Your group will be separated into teams and given three tasks.  The teams will be judged on the taste of the cocktail, creativity of the cocktail decoration and knowledge about the cocktail.




Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for groups: min. 6 people.

Possible in all venues

The workshop includes: a mixologist, all the equipment needed and a prize for the cocktail master (if the challenge is included in the event).

Choose these extras:

– gift bag

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