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General travel conditions and terms of service

Introductory remarks

These General Terms and Conditions for booking and purchasing tourist package arrangements, related travel arrangements for travel agencies HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) are an integral part of the package travel package and related travel arrangements, and hence the Travel Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) which, with the travel agency HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o., Višnjica 11, 10 000 Zagreb, OIB 20028734687,  registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under no .: Tt-19/26567-2 , MB 5135150 , MBS 081258672  text: HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o.) is signed by the travel contractor (hereinafter: the traveler). All data and terms in the program and in these General Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. and the Passenger unless otherwise specified in the Agreement. Words and terms that have the gender significance used in these General Terms apply equally to male and female gender, regardless of whether they are used in male or female.

1. Application and contracting

A travel traveler organized by and offered by HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o., or in which the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is the authorized agent of another travel organizer, may report to the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. by telephone, by e-mail, by web form, social networks and by other authorized agents. Based on the received application, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will offer to the Traveler a contract that is considered binding after signing it by the contracting parties or otherwise affirming its consent (eg, but not exclusively: Internet, electronic mail, cards, by paying to the transaction account). The Agreement consists of: The Travel Program by which the Travel Organizer offers the Traveler an Excursion or Package Arrangement, these General Conditions and the Application whereby the Traveler accepts the offered Travel Program. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. have the right to deny the service if they do not receive the appropriate payment up to the agreed deadline:

When signing up, the Traveler pays 30% of the value of the package and the remaining 70% of the amount is to be paid no later than 30 days prior to the trip, except in cases where specific terms of payment for special travels are indicated. When making a payment, a 100% payment is due immediately to your bill.

For so- “Reservation upon request” is paid on the price list of the responsible organizer. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will not accept booking request upon request without paid advance. If the Traveler does not accept a confirmed reservation made on his request, the tour will keep the advance paid to cover the cost of the reservation.

In the case of a paid and confirmed arrangement, any change in the date and traveler’s travel shall be subject to the valid price list of the travel organizer or service provider.

2. Intermediate information – offering travel on a website, brochure, flyer, catalog etc.

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. devotes great attention to the presentation of programs on promotional material (web pages, flyers, catalogs and the like), but possible irregularities and errors that HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will try to correct as soon as possible. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. does not respond to possible errors in the press, on the website, or for any subsequent changes in the new releases of promotional materials and programs that have been distracted by the Traveler, and before the conclusion of the Agreement, and therefore the relevant information contained in the Agreement not in promotional material.

3. Price and content of the arrangement

The price of the package includes those services listed under the “Price includes” program and may also include various fees, which are particularly emphasized on the program. The price of the arrangement does not include those services that are specially included in the program and listed under “Price does not include” with the notice that some of the optional services can be pre-arranged and will be recorded in the Travel Contract. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will inform the Traveler about the existence, price, and any changes in the fee collection regime. Published prices are the result of a contract tour with partners and do not have to match the prominent prices at the destination.

4. Changing the agreed package price package

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. have the right to increase the price of the arrangement if the price increase is the direct consequence of the change:

the cost of transporting passengers arising from fuel costs and / or other energy sources.

the amount of taxes and / or fees for travel services covered by a contract determined by third parties not directly involved in the execution of a package arrangement, including tourist taxes, landing fees or fees for embarkation or disembarkation at ports and airports.

foreign exchange rates relevant to the package arrangement.

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. have the right to increase the price of the package by 8%, and the Traveler must notify it at least 20 days before the trip. The price increase, regardless of the height, is only possible if the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. in writing and no later than 20 days before the start of the trip, the package of cost-enhancing packages informs the Traveler in a clear and understandable way, with the calculation and explanation of this increase.

5. Modification of the other travel contract conditions in the package arrangement

Before the Package Travel Arrangement begins, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. may not modify the terms of the package travel agreement in the Package Transaction, except for the price in accordance with Article 4 of the General Conditions and the Tourism Services Act, unless such a right is provided by the Contract if the change is insignificant and in the clear, understandable and easy-to-see way on a permanent data carrier, inform the Traveler about the change. If HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. prior to the start of the Package Plan has been compelled to substantially alter any of the major features of the Travel Service or may not meet the agreed Special Requirements of the Traveler or propose to increase the price of the package deal by more than 8%, the Traveler may, within a reasonable time,

to accept the proposed amendment, or terminate the contract without paying compensation for termination of contract.

If the Traveler terminates the travel contract in the package arrangement, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is obligated without undue delay and within 14 days of the termination of the contract, to return all payments made and, if necessary, indemnify the Traveler.

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. reserves the right to change the day and / or the hour of departure due to changes in the flight schedule and / or occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, as well as the right to change the journey if the conditions of travel change, eg but not limited to: changed flight order, or on transfer points and / or destination, on time (s), without payment of damages, and according to the applicable regulations in international traffic. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. also retains the right to change the order of the program, when it comes to public holidays and the like, and because of the shifting of working hours of individual objects to be visited.

6. Categorization and description of services

The offered accommodation capacities in the programs are described according to the official classification of the destination country, valid at the time of the program issuance. Meals, the contents of the accommodation unit as well as other services offered by the hotel / apartment are under the supervision of the local tourist authorities, and the standards of accommodation and services may be different from domestic ones and as such are not comparable.

7. Accommodation in rooms / apartments

The arrangement of the rooms / apartments is determined by the reception of the accommodation in the residence. If the Traveler does not explicitly contract a room / apartment with special features, he / she will accept any officially registered accommodation unit in the facility described in the catalog and pricelist. Entrance to the room is usually not possible before 15:00 on the day of commencement of the use of the service, and the same must usually leave until 10:00 on the day of service completion. Arrivals after 19:00 are required to be announced in advance, unless otherwise indicated. The decision to enter and / or later leave the accommodation unit is an independent accommodation facility and the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. does not affect the accommodation.

8. The Right of the Traveler to Terminate the Contract

If the traveler wishes to change or cancel the reservation, it has to be in written (e-mail, mail or fax) . By „change“ it is considered a change in the number of people, or change of the dates of travel, at least 30 days before using the the service. First change of the reservation, if it is possible without extra expenses, will be made for free. For any more changes the traveler will be charged the expenses of 15 EUR per change. If the change of the reservation is not possible, and the traveler cancels a confirmed reservation because of it, lower mentioned conditions apply. Any change of accommodation unit and any change within 30 days before using the service is considered a cancellation of the reservation.

  1. If a Traveler decides on a travel arrangement, the following amount of the tour price of the total price of the package will be deducted from the total amount of the following:

I) Cancellations done 30 day before the quest arrival NO penalty will be charged

II) Cancellation made between 29-22 before the guest arrival – will be charged for 30% of the total amount

III) Cancellation made between 20-15 before the guest arrival – will be charged for 50% of the total amount

IV) Cancellation made between 14-8 before the guest arrival – will be charged for 80% of the total amount

V) Cancellation made between 7 and the day of departure: 100% of the price of the package

VI) after departure: 100% of the cost of the arrangement

2. If the Traveler declines a related travel arrangement including flight ticket and accommodation, the tour price of the total cost of the package for damages is 100% of the fare (unless otherwise stated in the terms of the airline tariff) travel and cancellation of the hotel and other services shall be subject to the conditions set out in paragraph (b), except where the service is reserved under special non-refundable conditions when the service provider retains 100% of the amount of the service in question.

The mentioned cancellation costs also apply to changes to the departure date and / or accommodation facility, ie the type of room / apartment as well as all other relevant changes. In case of cancellation of travel, the cost of issuing visa / travel documents is not paid. In the event of a Traveler canceling or shortening the trip due to weather conditions, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will apply the above provisions, and will not accept subsequent reclamation. If some of the programs and arrangements are subject to special conditions, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will indicate them when contracting and apply the same. Oral cancellation The Traveler is required to confirm in writing either by mail or e-mail. If the Traveler has not verbally acknowledged the written notice of the cancellation, it shall be deemed not to have canceled the trip. If the Traveler, at his own request, interrupts the current voyage, he is not entitled to compensation for costs incurred due to early return.

If the damage actually occurred is greater than the above mentioned, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. reserves the right to charge it on presentation of proof of actual costs and at the maximum 100% of the cost of the arrangement.

If the Traveler fails to pay the remaining amount up to the total price of the arrangement or does not provide documentation for the unsubscribe of the total price of the package at least 29 days before the trip, it shall be deemed to have waived the booking without the possibility of refunding the advance payment.

The passenger has the right to terminate the travel contract in the package before the start of the journey without payment of a contract termination charge in the event of a non-avoidable exceptional occurrence at the destination or in his / her immediate vicinity

9. The Right of the Traveler to Transfer the Contract to the Second Traveler

If a Traveling Traveler finds a new user of the same reservation and meets all of the anticipated terms, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will charge only the costs caused by the replacement. Considering the carriage of passengers between the airline and the Passenger as a passenger and not transferable , the cancellation of the existing ticket is based on the tariff conditions for which the ticket was purchased  and the purchase of a new ticket on behalf of the new Traveler according to the valid and available tariff at the time of issuance of the new ticket.

10. Travel insurance

By signing the Travel Agreement, which forms an integral part of these Terms, travelers are offered and recommended travel insurance: voluntary health insurance, accident insurance, damage insurance and / or loss of luggage, travel cancellation insurance and liability insurance as well as that the Traveler is provided with information on the content of these insurance and the general terms and conditions of the insurance contract. In case the Traveler wishes to arrange the above mentioned insurance, they can be arranged directly with the insurer or at the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o., where the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. operates only as an insurance company broker. Travel cancellation insurance, under the terms of the insurance company, is contracted upon the conclusion of the Travel Contract and can not be arranged at the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. at a later date. If the Traveler does not submit data for the production of insurance policies within the deadline specified on the offer, it is considered that the Traveler does not wish to contract the travel insurance or will arrange it on his own. The insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the duration and the price of travel according to the insurance company’s price list. Valid reasons for cancellation of travel are determined by the insurance company under the terms of the insurance. Paid insurance premiums are not subject to cancellation insurance, nor part of the package arrangement and will not be refunded as well as the cost of obtaining visas and booking services, even though the Traveler has paid off the cancellation insurance. If the Traveler has to cancel the voyage, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee according to the rules listed in Section 8 of these General Terms and Conditions. Other insurance conditions are in addition to the insurance policy that will be sent to or delivered to passengers.

11. Right of HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. at the end of the travel contract in the package deal before the package tour begins

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. may terminate the travel contract in the package before the package tour begins and the Traveler is fully refunded for all package payments received without compensation to the Traveler if the number of persons registered for the package is less than the minimum number mentioned in the travel contract or program that is an integral part of the pre-contractual information and if it notifies the Traveler of termination of the contract within the time specified on the promotional material or travel program, ie:

20 days prior to the start of package travel arrangements for 6 or more days;

7 days prior to the start of a package travel package for travels ranging from 3 to 5 days;

48 hours prior to the start of package travel arrangements for trips that last less than two days.

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. may terminate the travel agreement in the package prior to the start of the package arrangement and the Traveler shall fully refund all payments received for the package deal, without compensation for the Traveler’s liability, if the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. in the execution of the contract prevent any outstanding circumstances that could not be avoided if the Traveler terminates the Contract without unnecessary delay before starting the package arrangement. In the event of a termination of this Agreement, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will return to the Traveler all payments made in favor of the Traveler without undue delay and at the latest within 14 days of the end of the travel contract in the package arrangement provided that the passenger has sent the information required for the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. for refund.

12. Travel Documents

Passengers are required to have valid personal travel documents. Irregular, incomplete, outdated and damaged documents resulting in cancellation from the trip do not have any adverse consequences for the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o., and if Passenger HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. suffered such additional damage, Passenger is obliged to compensate for this. If traveling or loss of travel documents occurs during travel, the costs of issuing new documents are borne by the Traveler. If a visa is required for a trip, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. may, if the visa issuing body allows mediation, mediate obtaining it with a special allowance. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. are not responsible for decisions of customs, police and other state bodies that result in refusal of entry permit to individual country.

13. Foreign exchange, customs and health regulations

Passengers are obliged to abide by foreign and customs regulations, as well as laws and other by-laws of the Republic of Croatia and other countries through which they are going and in which they reside. In case of inability to continue the trip for Violation of the regulations by the Traveler, all the costs incurred by himself, the companions and the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. are borne by Passenger himself. Travel to some countries requires mandatory vaccinations against certain diseases and the Passenger is required to have certificates and vaccination documents.

14. Luggage

The terms and conditions of carriage of hand and baggage as well as weight and size restrictions are determined by the carrier. On scheduled flights, passengers are entitled to free transportation up to 20 kg of luggage as well as on regular air flights, unless otherwise stated in the program. In the case of air transport, the excess luggage is supplemented by the Traveler himself according to the valid rules and carriers’ prices. Children up to the second year of age are not eligible for free luggage transport. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. does not take responsibility for lost and / or damaged luggage. Any baggage-related irregularity, eg but not limited to: Delay, Loss and / or Damage of Baggage, the Traveler shall report to the carrier directly, if irregularities occurred in the case of carriage, or hotel if irregularity occurred during accommodation. In the case of air transport, the air carrier is responsible for the baggage handed over to the carrier on the basis of regulations applicable to air traffic, while for luggage, including luggage marked “Delivery at Aircraft” and temporarily placed in the luggage compartment, Responsible Passenger Personally. In the case of irregularities, the Passenger shall report to the carrier or an agent authorized by the carrier in case of irregularities in the carriage of luggage, in the case of irregularities. On the basis of that application, the carrier pays the indemnity according to the regulations applicable in the domestic and international passenger air traffic. In case of loss, damage and / or alienation of luggage at the hotel, the Traveler’s claim for damages refers to a hotel where the luggage is lost, damaged and / or lost. We recommend making a luggage insurance.

15. An Objection to Irregularities and Complaints

The traveler for irregularities and complaints must complain to the first service provider (hotel, apartment and similar, carrier, travel manager, travel organizer representative or immediate service provider). In the event that the complaint can be resolved on the spot and the Traveler does not immediately complain to the Service Provider of the irregularity, it is understood that the Traveler agrees with the service thereby losing the right to invest subsequent claims with the request to reduce the price of the service and / or payment of damages. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will not consider the complaint if the Traveler has not enclosed a copy of the written complaint filed on the spot. If, even after a complaint has been made on the spot, there is no improvement, the Traveler must request a confirmation that the service is not provided or not provided as agreed. The traveler must enclose the certificate with the written complaint. In writing the Traveler is obliged to invest within 8 days after the end of the trip by e-mail at the following address: or by post to the address: HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o., Višnjica 11, 10 000 Zagreb.  If a Traveler submits a written complaint after this deadline, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. does not have to consider such complaint. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is obliged to make a written response to the complaint within 14 days upon receipt of the complaint and may postpone the lodging of a complaint resolution for an additional 14 days for the collection of information. Until the decision is taken and a total of 14 or 28 days after the complaint has been filed, the Traveler shall irrevocably waive the mediation of any other person, arbitration of UHPA or other institution, as well as providing information to the media. Likewise during this time the Traveler waives the right to sue. The highest amount of compensation per complaint may reach the amount of the advertised part of the service, and may not include the services already used, nor the total amount of the arrangement. Each traveler – the contract holder submits the objection separately. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will not take into consideration the group’s objections.

16. Obligations of the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o.

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. are obliged to take care of the execution of the service as well as the choice of service providers, the attention of a good businessman and to take care of the rights and interests of the Traveler in accordance with good practices in tourism. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is obliged to provide all the contracted services for a particular arrangement / trip and to provide answers to any failure to perform a service or part of the service. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will perform all of the above obligations from their programs / arrangements completely and in the manner described, except in case of force majeure or changed circumstances. With all our attention, on the destination / travel is possible the so-called. overbooking at the hotel / transportation / restaurant and HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will try to offer a replacement solution, depending on the options. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. will help the Traveler with disabilities, especially in providing adequate information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance, as well as in establishing remote communication and finding alternative travel arrangements. If the Traveler has caused deliberate or negligent difficulties, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. may charge a reasonable fee for assistance that will not be higher than the actual cost. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is obliged to bear the cost of the necessary accommodation up to 3 overnight stays per Traveler if, due to outstanding circumstances that could not be avoided, it is not possible to provide the Traveler with a travel package agreement. The passenger is entitled to a reduction of the cost / compensation if the travel services are not performed properly.

17. Obligations of the Traveler

The traveler is obliged to abide by the rules of conduct in accommodation facilities, ie means of transport and their procedures, not to prevent the smooth running of the travel program and to undermine the rights of other Travelers in the use of HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. services. If a passenger whose behavior causes damage to the service provider in the accommodation or means of transportation or prevents regular and smooth running of the tour program shall such damage immediately eliminate or compensate the injured party being obliged to cooperate with the provider of these services and HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o.. If the Traveler endangers the regular and unobstructed travel program, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o., apart from the right to compensation for damage, has the right to cancel the trip, in which case it will be considered that the voyage has been interrupted at the request of the Traveler, where HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is not required to bear the costs of return to the place of departure. If in the aforementioned case described in the preceding paragraph of this paragraph, the Traveler is a minor or a child, the parent is obliged to accept the return of the child to the house or to come to his child at his own expense. The traveler is obliged to inform the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. about any non-conformance found during the fulfillment of the travel service covered by the travel agreement in the package arrangement, without unnecessary delay and taking into account the circumstances. If any of the travel services were not performed in accordance with the travel agreement in the package arrangement, upon request of the Traveler, the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is obliged to correct this inconsistency, unless this is not possible or if the elimination of non-compliance caused disproportionate costs taking into account the non-conformance and value of the service travels to which non-conformities affect.

18. Travel conditions for related travel arrangements

General package travel package conditions do not apply to travel in a related travel arrangement except in the part of the passenger protection in the event of an insolvency of the agency. A related travel arrangement involves at least two different types of travel services purchased for the same travel or holiday that do not represent a package arrangement (eg individual hotel reservations, airline tickets, transfers and similar ancillary services). When traveling in related travel arrangements, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. acts on behalf of and on behalf of the service provider, or as a licensed sales agent of various service providers (airline companies, hotels, transfers, tourist agency reservation agencies and similar) and each of the Service Providers is solely responsible for the proper execution of their services in accordance with the contract. In the final travel documents, the Traveler will be informed about the contact of the service provider.

19. Travels organized by other organizers / tour operators

For each program, the terms of the responsible organizer specified for that trip are applied. All programs in which HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. Performs as a broker, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is not responsible for the implementation of travel or tourist arrangements, which the responsible organizer only mediates in sales. All travel arrangements that HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. represents as an intermediary are specifically marked and which will be visible on the travel contract. In that case, the general conditions of the aforesaid travel organizer apply. By signing the contract the contractor / traveler fully accepts the program and the terms of the trip.

20. Insolvency or bankruptcy of travel organizer

In accordance with the Law on Provision of Tourism Services, in case of payment invalidity or bankruptcy of the HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o., travelers arriving on the journey as well as persons who have paid travel advances should contact the insurer in which HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. has a contracted liability insurance policy. Insurer’s information is provided on each individual Travel Contract, as well as the number of insurance policies and the contact details of the insurer. Police number 990007053732 signed with the insurance company Triglav osiguranje d.d.

21. Liability insurance

Pursuant to the Tourism Services Act, HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. has with the Insurer a liability insurance contract for any damage caused to the Traveler by failing to comply, in part fulfilling or improperly fulfilling the travel-related obligations. Insurer’s information is provided on each individual Travel Contract, as well as the number of insurance policies and the contact details of the insurer. Police number 990007053732 signed with the insurance company Triglav osiguranje d.d.

22. Protection of personal data

HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. is committed to respecting the privacy of all its passengers and collects only the necessary information about the passengers required to carry out the journey. All passenger data is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this. All HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy principles.

This data, along with the passenger’s privilege, may also be used for further mutual communication and delivery of the agency’s marketing messages, and the Traveler can always exclude himself from marketing activities. HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. undertakes to keep personal information in the database, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, or the General Privacy Policy (GDPR).

23. “Fortuna” / “Roulette” travel

A passenger who has concluded a travel organizing agreement with which the name of the accommodation in which the Traveler is aware only comes to the destination when he accepts all the risks of such a journey. Such trips contain uncertain facts that HEDONIA EXPERIENCE d.o.o. can not influence, and the Traveler has, for the most advantageous price, accepted such a trip and for that reason the Traveler has no right to object to the organizer. Pushings guarantee only the category of facility (according to the official category of the destination country) and the type of service chosen.


These Terms and Conditions of Travel are valid from January 9th, 2020 and exclude all current travel conditions and directions. EU Directive 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on Package Travel Packages and Related Arrangements (available on the link: PDF /? Uri = CELEX: 32015L2302 & from = HR) as well as the Tourism Services Act (NN 130/2017), which is in force since 1 July 2018. (available at

The traveler agrees to try to resolve possible disputes in accordance with the terms and conditions. If this is not possible, in the case of a dispute, the court in Zagreb is competent and Croatian law applies.

According to the Tourism Services Act, a passenger may file a proposal for solving a dispute with the body from the list of notified bodies for alternative dispute resolution in accordance with the law governing alternative dispute resolution.

Competent authority whose official supervision is subject to the activities of tourist agencies in the performance and provision of tourism services: Ministry of Tourism – Independent Sector of Tourism Inspection, Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/1, 10000 Zagreb.


Morana Jurišić, director

Višnjica 11, HR-10 000 Zagreb


Tel: +385 98 9234 427