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Custom made events

Every event is special, and we understand how to capture the true spirit of each one, with efficiency and meticulous attention to every last detail. We will meet your event’s objectives in an atmosphere of creativity. We will motivate your team by an unparalleled gourmet experience with the best wine and food. Get your palate ready for a new world of great corporate events. 

Cocktail workshop

Cocktail workshops will teach you the basics of cocktail ingredients and flavor pairing, the history,  the techniques of making cocktails and the basics of cocktail decorations

Coffee brewing course

The course offers to teach you how to prepare great coffee and a basic cappuccino decorating technique while having a good time with your colleagues

Pasta workshop

Learn to make different types of Istrian pasta (fuži and pljukanci) paired with delicious sauces (seasonal based groceries)

Wine tasting

If you want to learn how to describe wine, differentiate wine flavors and at the same time  have fun doing the wine tasting challenge, this is the right event for your group!

Cooking workshop

At the event you will enjoy the meal that you created together accompanied by a great glass of wine. For sure a company event that you will remember for years.

Dinner with wine tasting game

Learning, interactive & entertaining way to explore Croatian wine

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