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Dinner with wine tasting game

Learning, interactive & entertaining way to explore Croatian wine

Let our knowledgeable staff make your formal dinner a fun and exciting experience with this engaging tasting game



• A sensory experience with wines

• A  relaxing get-together

• The perfect entertainment  to cultivate relationships

• Fun and educational  event


At the start of the event, the Sommelier greets the guests, presents the fun activities and begins with the introduction of various wine tasting techniques. The guests receive game cards with questions to be used for the tasting game. During the evening, the Sommelier communicates the information about the wines being tasted. The guests can immediately begin to answer the posed questions. 

The first challenge takes place with the two white wines that accompany the appetizer and the first course.  The  second challenge begins with the two red wines paired with the second course. At the end of dinner, the wine labels will be shown. The award ceremony follows at the winning table.

The activity includes: dinner, wine expert, 4 excellent wines, personalized material and a premium Magnum bottle as an award for the winning table.



Duration: max. 4 hours

Suitable for groups: from 15 – 30 people

The dinner  with wine tasting game can be organized in each restaurant included in our tours

The workshop includes: 

• The activity includes a professional Sommelier

• You will taste 4 premium wines 

• Wines will be paired with fine dinning

• The activity includes a prize bottle for the winning team

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