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Istrian olive oil & more

If you love a holiday with good food, olive oil and fine wine, we have prepared a gourmet experience for you. All you have to do is choose a date of your trip and indulge yourself in the flavors of Istria.


Wine tasting of award-winning winemakers

Tasting one of the best extra virgin oils in the world

Visit to the Shellfish Farm

Visit to the manufacturer of the original Istrian prosciutto

Sightseeing of picturesque Istrian towns

Tour duration: 3 days

Number of persons: 15-30

Note: Each tour can be tailor made and last longer or shorter


Day 1.

The Istrian tour begins with the truffles  degustation and sightseeing of picturesque towns Motovun and Grožnjan.  

Motovun, a small town located on a hill in central Istria is according to many one of the most beautiful and preserved medieval towns in Istria and beyond. Motovun is surrounded by a forest and is known for the legendary giant “Veli Jože“ and truffles, a very specific and aromatic mushroom.

The truffles story is interesting in every detail: their location, the dogs – truffle hunters and of course, their great flavor. This time you do not need to go truffle  hunting to try this aphrodisiac, just enjoy the story and the taste.

Grožnjan is known as the city of artists. Surrounded by green hills and magical white soil it is a must-see destination for those who want to discover the treasure chest of Istria. From May you can attend frequent concerts of classical music, a jazz-festival, an art event and numerous exhibitions.

Lunch will be at the wonderful restaurant  with an enchanting view of Momiano and the surrounding vineyards belonging to the top winemaker whose wines we will taste with the meals. A visit to his cellar is organized after lunch. A special feature of this restaurant are the fresh ingredients which are sourced from unspoiled nature, grown in the restaurant’s  own garden or purchased from the selected local growers.

You are based at one of the most beautiful mansions in the Mediterranean.  The Mansion is a delightful luxurious Wine hotel with an outstanding restaurant and its own premium, world renowned and award-winning wines and olive oils.

At the restaurant, you can fine-tune your gastronomic experience – from the food you will be choosing and the matching wine, to the choice of  their single sort olive oils, each of its own specific flavor, which beautifully accompanies your meals. 


Day 2.

 The visit and walking tour of Pula and the house of olive oil.

Pula is a city that has been of great importance since ancient times. Its history is about 3,000 years old. Today, its cultural monuments speak of a tumultuous past. We will visit the ancient monuments of Pula: the Arena, the Arch of the Sergii, the Temple of Augustus and many others. It is these monuments that have inspired many artists and builders over the centuries.

In the House of Istrian Olive Oil you will have tastings led by an expert. You will learn how to properly taste olive oil, which particular aromas and tastes to look for, how to recognize a top quality extra virgin olive oil and differentiate it from industrially produced oils. You will have the opportunity to test and taste oils from a number of top Istrian producers and try a selection of varietal oils of different tastes and aromas.

 You will have lunch at a traditional Istrian restaurant. We have prepared local specialties accompanied by excellent extra virgin olive oil.

 You will visit the production facility of the best Croatian olive oil.

Istrian olive oil is obtained by processing olives from their groves. The olives are picked by hand and processed within 24 hours, thereby providing a basis for the superior quality of the Istrian olive oil that is recognized and respected worldwide. After visiting the olive grove, taking a tour to the tasting place and a guided tasting of olive oil with cheese and curd, the visit of the production facility will end with a short story about production of olive oil in Istria and Vodnjanština.

After Vodnjan, your next destination is Rovinj, once a town of fishermen and now one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. 

Rovinj is a small town on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. According to many, it is one of the most romantic places in the Mediterranean. A long time ago, Rovinj used to be an island protected with a high, strong stone walls. Crowded, colorful houses, narrow streets and small squares are guarded by the baroque St. Euphemia’s church. The view of the surrounding area from its bell-tower is magnificent.  

In the evening, we will surprise your palate with the local specialties of an excellent hotel restaurant.


Day 3.

Visit the Lim Channel and the Shellfish Farm.

Whether you are a nature lover, a passionate gourmand or an admirer of mysterious historical stories, the Lim Channel is the right place to enjoy Istria.

Although many call it a fiord, the Lim Channel is actually a submerged karst canyon. Once upon a time, the imposing sea bay was a valley through which the Pazinčica River flowed, running to the sea. Turbulent geological history has run its course – the sea penetrated the valley and completely changed the landscape. Due to many submarine springs, the sea here is of reduced salinity and is extremely rich in plankton. The Lim Channel is therefore known as a fish and shellfish farm. 

After enjoying the nature, treat yourself with fresh seafood in one of the Lim’s restaurants.

Now you are ready to visit one of the most famous Croatian winemakers.

Visit the wine cellar of one of the most awarded Croatian winemakers: experienced specialists will take you to a professional cellar tour and help you experience the real taste of Istrian wines known all around the world. 

After wine tasting we will visit an Istrian prosciutto manufacturing facility. But at this family farm there is so much more to prosciutto than meets the eye… 

Istrian prosciutto is an authentic product and nowhere in the world is the prosciutto produced as it is done in Istria. This family farm, except prosciutto, produces pork loin, sausages, bacon, steadying (dry rack) and homemade bacon.  Friendly hosts will greet you with an aperitif and tasting cured meats and olive oils telling you the story of the production of Istrian prosciutto. 

The tour included:

– Transfer

– Accommodation with half board

– Three lunch in restaurants with traditional Istrian food

– English speaking professional tour guide

– Tickets to all attractions visiting

– Wine tastings, olive oils, Istrian prosciutto and truffles tastings


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