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Pasta challenge

The Pasta Competition is perfect for colleagues who work together. The group will be divided into teams so that everyone has a chance for some hands-on experience. Even the experts will be put to the test during the competition’s three stages, bringing in their skills, expertise, and talents to a new kind of setting outside work, where the default hierarchies and structures disappear. 


• Learn to make different types of Istrian pasta (fuži and pljukanci) paired with delicious sauces (seasonal based groceries)

• Put manual and organizational skills to the test

• Boost team cooperation

• A perfect challenge for dynamic, creative teams


The chef will briefly explain the process of making the pastry as well as demonstrate making it  after which each group attempts to make their own dough according to the instructions. 


The chef will also briefly explain the rules of the game:

• During a limited amount of time, the groups are tasked with rolling out the dough, cutting it into rhombuses and making fuži

• The fuži will be evaluated based on their quantity and appearance (thinness of the dough, shape and size) 

• The winner is the group that makes a larger amount of equal, beautiful fuži during a specific time.

• In the second challenge, the chef will demonstrate the making of pljukanci, after which each group will make its own dough and mold the pljukanci:

• During a limited amount of time, they will need to roll out the dough and make pljukanci and cook them.


The winner is the group that makes the most delicious pljukanci (the chef tastes them), the most beautiful (all equal in length and thickness) and of the highest quantity.

At the end of the allotted time, the chef will evaluate the pasta and  give a grade. Winners receive a “Company Masterchef of Pasta” certificate.

A toast makes the perfect ending to the event but it can also mark the beginning of a meal based on the made pasta!





Duration: max. 3 hours

Suitable for groups: from 10 – 30 people

Pasta challenge can be organized in tours and incentives in Istria

The competition can be organized in a restaurant or a cooking school

The workshop includes: The activity includes a professional chef all the equipment needed and a prize for best Company cook (if the challenge is included in the event).

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